Annual Community Day – Sept. 29, 2018



Can you believe that it’s been a year already? Here we are, coming up on our annual CASB Community Day, scheduled for September 29, 2018!

Last year’s event was a big success, but this year we are hoping to make it even bigger and better. The key to accomplishing that lofty goal is YOU!

As in years past, we are raising funds to support Pointer Ridge Elementary School (PRES) and the Pointer

Ridge Elementary School PTA (PRES PTA), with principal donors being the local business community.

This fundraising letter introduces our organization and talks about the importance of Community Day and the benefits it brings to PRES and the PRES PTA. It would be great if you would share this letter with businesses that you interact with and/or have relationships with and encourage them to participate in Community Day.

They can make a donation and set up a table to meet folks from the community who are vital to the success of their endeavors. Remember, the size of the business doesn’t matter — large or small — they are all welcome.


CASB Meeting Agenda – July 12

We Want to Hear From You

As part of our mission to further the common good of the community and enhance social well-being, the Association’s Board wants to know how we can better engage our members and community partners. Please let us know on the form below.

Photos from Community Day 2017

Meeting Minutes Archive

July 14, 2016

CASB Meeting Minutes

June 16, 2016

CASB Board Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2016

CASB General Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2016

CASB General Meeting Minutes

Jan. 14, 2016

CASB Meeting Minutes

CASB Meeting Agenda – Sept. 8, 2016

CASB Sept. 8 Meeting Agenda

  • Good news and thank yous
  • Supporting Pointer Ridge ES
  • Planning/preparation for South Bowie Community Day
  • Gathering support for Hall Road sidewalks project
  • Updates – Roads & Safety, Pointer Ridge Shopping Center
  • Resident comments

CASB Bylaws – Final Draft

CASB Bylaws – Final Draft

Our five Board Members have worked very diligently to create a set of bylaws for the Community Association of South Bowie. They are being shared with the South Bowie community now, and the Board welcomes comments and suggestions from South Bowie residents before the Bylaws will be put before the membership for a vote at the May general meeting.

Click here to view the FINAL DRAFT of the CASB bylaws.

CASB Meeting Agenda – March 10, 2016

CASB Meeting Agenda

  • Presentation from and Q&A with rep from NAI Michael Co. Re: new developments with the Karington Project (off of US Route 301)
  • Establishing CASB committees and signing up committee members
  • Voting on CASB bylaws
  • Implementing CASB dues and budget needs
  • Information about new MD voting procedures
  • Central Ave. update and local roads update
  • Announcements and general comments and questions

Articles About County Budget Deficit

Recent articles in The Prince George’s Sentinel and The Washington Post outline the county’s projected structural budget deficit:

County Reveals Increased Revenues, But Structural Deficit (PG Sentinel)

Prince George’s Needs New Ways to Bridge Budget Gap

CASB Meeting Agenda – May 12, 2016

CASB General Meeting Agenda

  • Address by / Q & A with candidates for School Board District 5: Raaheela Ahmed and Cheryl Landis
  • Address by / Q & A with Dr. Ron Watson, member, County Blue Ribbon Commission on Examining Prince George’s County’s Structural Deficit
  • CASB Committee Updates
  • Update on repaving of Central Avenue
  • Other updates and announcements
  • Resident questions and concerns
  • Voting on CASB bylaws by member households