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Annual Community Day – Sept. 29, 2018



Can you believe that it’s been a year already? Here we are, coming up on our annual CASB Community Day, scheduled for September 29, 2018!

Last year’s event was a big success, but this year we are hoping to make it even bigger and better. The key to accomplishing that lofty goal is YOU!

As in years past, we are raising funds to support Pointer Ridge Elementary School (PRES) and the Pointer

Ridge Elementary School PTA (PRES PTA), with principal donors being the local business community.

This fundraising letter introduces our organization and talks about the importance of Community Day and the benefits it brings to PRES and the PRES PTA. It would be great if you would share this letter with businesses that you interact with and/or have relationships with and encourage them to participate in Community Day.

They can make a donation and set up a table to meet folks from the community who are vital to the success of their endeavors. Remember, the size of the business doesn’t matter — large or small — they are all welcome.


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